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Thanks for taking the time to check out the site. Whether you are working hard to make great things happen in the world or stopping in between watching cat videos and checking Facebook, I’m glad you are here. 

Please come along for a vicarious adventure as we head to the arid city of Mendoza, Argentina on February 1, 2020, to begin a nine-month research project: a journey in the making for almost a decade. There, we will explore many aspects of landscape architecture and design, sustainability, green infrastructure, and traditions of city planning and culture as part of a larger effort to foster mutual understanding between the two countries. We hope to illuminate the numerous geographical, cultural, and physical similarities that exist between Albuquerque, New Mexico (United States) and Mendoza, Argentina in an effort to promote future collaborations.

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My name is Andrew Bernard. My home is in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I practice landscape architecture. The opportunity to become a leader in developing our cities in a more sustainable way is what led me to become interested in this profession. As co-founder of the Arid LID Coalition, much of my work has been centered around water and placemaking in arid environments, promoting a shift towards a more sustainable development paradigm that regards water and ecological systems in the urban context as assets rather than liabilities. Following these interests, I am currently conducting research in Mendoza, Argentina to explore a city known for its integration of these elements in urban planning practices. As a Connector, my goal is to grow an international network of community leaders, researchers, and practitioners with shared interests, or at least curiosities around this ethic. This blog was created to share information I think is valuable and to serve as a conduit between these two cultures. You are invited to engage with and participate in this journey to help ignite an international and intercultural dialogue by leaving your questions and comments on the blog. 

Some of my other interests include learning about and practicing effective communication and leadership, strategy and creative problem-solving through design, mountain biking, and exploring cultures through meeting interesting people.

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