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We like to solve design problems and we do it with finesse. Do you have an idea that you would like to explore? We can help you bring it to life. Looking for someone to help you craft an RF, write a grant, or organize an effective team for a development project? Or maybe you just want to re-deign your property. Let's put our heads together to see what we can accomplish!


"Intergrated perspective"


Getting off on the right foot is often the most critical aspect of achieving success. This Professional Services Consultation is geared toward Architecture and Engineering project teams to provide the perspective of a Landscape Architect at the initiation of a project. Our trained lens can help to enrich design decisions that better integrate interior and exterior spaces by identifying value-generating opportunities up-front.


site analysisProgramming


Need to know more about what is happening on your site to better-inform your design? Looking for what to watch out for as you begin your project or wondering what kind of activities are possible? We love to dig-in (literally)  to uncover the intricate relationships of a site and how they relate to a project at hand.


Typical product is a graphic report outlining:

  • Site Inventory

  • Opportunities and Constraints

  • Analysis and Synthesis of Data

  • Recommendations



& grant support

Have an idea and need help bringing it to life physically or visually? Telling the story is half of the battle. Let us help you craft a compelling narrative through creative and technical writing, supporting 2D and 3D graphic visualizations, and cost estimates to assist you in fundraising or applying for a grant.


site plan & VARIANCE 


Dealing with getting your new development approved through a municipality can be a daunting task and most often requires a professionally licensed Landscape Architect to create stamped site and planting drawings for approval. We've been down this road a time or two so let us help guide you on your next project. 



Ideas are great, but built works are what counts. As they say, "It's all in the execution". We can help prepare comprehensive construction documents and specifications that can help your ideas come to life. 

Typical document services include:

  • Demolition Plans / Details

  • Planting Plans / Details

  • Irrigation Plans / Details

  • Construction Plans / Details

  • Specifications


project management

We pride ourselves on our communication, so we do it well and frequently as it is the "secret-sauce" to any successful project. Building from this cornerstone of Project Management,  we can help you run, coordinate, or facilitate the design and construction process to help ensure your investment is built right and to prevent headaches.

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