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As dog ownership has become increasingly popular, especially with the millennial generation, dog parks have become coveted social places conducive to bringing together people of diverse backgrounds and ages with one thing in common - they love their dogs. Dog parks provide a ‘third place’, a place where people spend a majority of their time outside of the home and the office such as coffee shops or micro-breweries. Third places offer a sense of place or a vibe for users and provide a neutral ground for complete strangers to interact and commune among many other social benefits. Park Barque, affectionately named after the City's nickname, 'Burque' (boor-kay), is a response to a need for this amenity. Given the rapid investment in high-density housing within downtown Albuquerque, NM., this urban amenity may encourage people to move downtown as easy access to dog parks is a prerequisite for most dog owners (closest dog park is 1.5 miles away).

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